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2009 Volvo C70: Lots of space for travel dream

Volvo C70 - Lots of space for Travel dream
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, Germany - The Volvo C70 wins in Germany more and more enthusiasts. The open four of the Swedish automaker with its three-hardtop offers sporting elegance also strong practical advantages, namely convenience and a suitable space for passengers and luggage: More than 400 litres maximum cargo volume, in the luggage compartment of the Swedish-convertible coupe a seven bags easily be accommodated. Thus, the Volvo C70 offers more than enough storage space not only for short trips, but also for extended holidays.

Volvo C70 - 400 litres cargo volume

Thus the Volvo C70 offers more than sufficiently reservoir not only for short trips, but also for expanded vacation trips. Lovers of the elegant-sporty alignment do not have to bend themselves inevitably the pragmatism of the everyday life.

The Volvo C70 unites the character of an exciting proportionierten Coupés with that of an elegant Cabriolets and presents themselves in addition as family and holidays-suited travel vehicle, with which also a fortnightly vacation trip for four persons is to be realized problem-free.

Thus the Interieur of the Swedish Premium Cabriolets equipped with four full single seats offers an available space in the fund, whose shoulder and leg freedom set yardsticks in combination with ergonomically optimized seat constructions in this Fahrzeugklasse.

Also the trunk of the Volvo C70 offers with 404 litres load volumes with closed covers above average dimensions : Connected with the excellent usefulness of the load compartment such a pilot volume in the family-suited travel format develops.

Thus the baggage compartment of the Volvo C70 seizes for example a seventh-hasty aluminum luggage set of Rimowa, begun with three veritable travel suit-cases over a Cabin Trolley up to the Beauty Case. Thus the crew is of up to four persons not only for expanded vacation trips prepared, owing to two Notebook suit-cases and the Beauty Cases is in the best way also mobile ability to work as well as perfect make-ups secured.

Steve Mattin, chief designer of the Swedish Premium car manufacturer, stresses the importance of the utilizable value, straight for models like the Volvo C70 beside an exciting Design also: The car documents a design principle in convincing kind, after which good Design is not pure end in itself, but always also a function follows.

With the Volvo C70 this is the case. The car does not only count for me to the most beautiful representatives of its class, it is at the same time also - like all Volvo of models - functionally, practically and comfortable for pure benefit without reductions with the practicability and Alltagstauglichkeit.

Apart from its high travel fitness the Volvo C70 convinces besides by extensive safety equipment, which among other things the rollover protection system ROPS, singular SIPS head /Schulterairbags, which covers WHIPS Schleudertrauma protective system or also the intelligent woman driver formation system IDIS.

The Volvo C70 is available with three passage-strong five-cylinder petrol engines, which cover a power spectrum of 140 HP (103 KW) up to 230 HP (169 KW). Beyond that are two Diesel engines with an output of 136 HP (100 KW) and 180 HP (132 KW), which a Diesel particle filter in series have, in the program. Besides 136 HP strong Diesel motorizing of the Volvo C70 2.0D is now also available with the innovative double clutch transmission Volvo power SHIFT, which in relation to a conventional mechanism about eight per cent works more consumption-favorably.

The Volvo C70 is at prices starting from 34,840 EUR available.

Images gallery : 2009 Volvo C70

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[Source : Volvo, Germany - Automatic Translated]


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