Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Litchfield unviels The Fastest Subaru Impreza STi with 400 hp.

Subaru specialists Litchfield has taken the wraps off the fastest 2.0litre Subaru they have ever produced. Built to celebrate Litchfield’s move to new larger premises, the new Subaru Impreza STI Type-20 will be built to order for those customers wanting the world’s hottest hatch.

Litchfield has been at the forefront of Subaru development for many years and the latest 2008 Impreza STI model is no exception. The original MY08 Type-20 “Concept” was unveiled at the prestigious Autosport show where it received a very enthusiastic welcome.

The car is the brainchild of company owner, Iain Litchfield. "The new Subaru Impreza STI Type-20 perfectly represents what our customers look for in affordable performance package. In Type-20 form Subaru’s practical and comfortable new Hatchback has more than enough performance ability to match the latest Supercars costing many times the price."

“The aim is to provide a high performance model to continue to take on the Mitsubishi FQ range and give the Subaru enthusiast the driving thrills they have come to expect from our earlier models. The Autosport show was the first chance potential customers have been able to view the new STI in person and we were delighted with their very positive response.” Said Iain Litchfield

The new Type-20 is based on the Japanese only version of the legendary Subaru Impreza STI. This 2.0 litre model is the base for Subaru’s rally program in both WRC and Group N production classes. The durability required by the international rally stage means that this Japanese STI lends itself well to performance upgrades.

Subaru’s superb 2.0-litre turbocharged engine is enhanced to produce an incredible 400PS and 508Nm (375lbft) of torque. However the remarkable aspect of this engine upgrade is that there is no perceptible increase in Turbo lag with peak torque available from 3,400rpm and maximum power coming at a heady 7,500rpm. These amazing headline numbers don’t do the power delivery justice with 414Nm (300lbft) available at 3,000 rpm and 345bhp at 5,400rpm which gives the Type-20 a massive window of useable power. Nothing similar on the market comes close.

Performance figures only hint at the real world pace that the Type-20 possesses. 0-60mph can be dispatched in 3.9 seconds with a top speed electronically limited to 165mph. Massive 365mm Alcon 6-Pot brakes insure all of the performance is controlled.

The biggest improvement of the latest version of the STI is its’ new chassis. Now the driver can not only have enhanced stability and handling but also a significant improvement in ride comfort. The Type-20 takes theses core STI ingredients to another level with bi-spoke AST adjustable suspension, re-valved steering, lengthened wheel base and upgrade polyurethane chassis bushes. The Type-20 features a 14mm wider track, front strut brace and along with the latest Dunlop SP600 tyres (of Nissan GTR Nurburgring record fame) they endow the chassis with immense balance and stability.

The Type-20 will have the following specification:
  • 2008 JDM Subaru Impreza STI
  • 400 PS @ 7,500 Rpm / 375lbft @ 3,500rpm
  • 2.0 Litre EJ207 Engine with Dual Variable Valve Timing
  • New Type-20 Twinscroll turbo with Zircotec ceramic coating
  • Type-20 Turbo heat shield
  • Litchfield cold air induction system with high flow filter
  • Litchfield reprogrammed ECU with enhanced Economy mode
  • Milltek 3” Exhaust system with 100 cell Hi-Flow Sports Catalytic converter (saves 20kg).
  • Japanese STI quicker 13.1 Steering Rack
  • Revised chassis bushes and up rated anti roll bar
  • Increased Castor angle and wheel base
  • Re-valved power steering system with increased feel and weight
  • AST 12-Way adjustable suspension allowing lower ride height (-35mm over standard)
  • STI front lip spoiler
  • Litchfield front strut brace
  • 18x8.5 Lightweight Rota alloy wheels
  • High performance 245/40/18 Dunlop SP600 tyres
  • 365mm Alcon Brake kit
  • Engine Start button
  • Red Maserati style tail light option
  • Revised STI front grill
  • Price: £36,995 OTR



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