Monday, June 24, 2013

FHI Releases "SUBARU XV HYBRID" in Japan


TOKYO : June 24, 2013 - Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, today announced the release of the "Subaru XV Hybrid" which goes on sale today at Subaru dealers throughout Japan.

Subaru's first-ever hybrid vehicle offers the brand's distinctive, enjoyable driving experience.

By using a motor assist function for the engine output, both enhanced fuel economy*1 and smooth acceleration have been achieved. The components for the hybrid system such as a motor and a high voltage battery are installed while maintaining the Subaru's unique Symmetrical AWD (All-Wheel drive) layout. The layout delivers superb driveability based on its low center of gravity and superior weight balance.

As the top grade model of Subaru XV, the chassis performance and body rigidity have been thoroughly enhanced in pursuit of ride quality, low noise level and agile handling with the exterior exclusively designed for the hybrid model.

Main features 

Hybrid system and Power unit

Subaru's original AWD hybrid system has been integrated into the model, furthering torque, responsive power and environmental friendliness with its motor assist function. By utilizing the Symmetrical AWD layout, superb driveability was also achieved.
  • A 2.0-liter DOHC Horizontally-Opposed 4-cylinder gasoline engine was partially modified for the hybrid model, including reduction in engine friction.
  • The transmission was exclusively developed for the hybrid model based on the Lineartronic (CVT). A motor was installed behind the primary pulley. Full-time AWD system with simple structure can distribute torque to four wheels even in EV (Electric Vehicle) driving at low speeds. All four wheels are also driven in engine driving and hybrid driving.
  • By compactly housing heavy parts for the hybrid system such as the high voltage battery under the cargo space, the overall front rear weight distribution and the low center of gravity were maintained at the same level as the gasoline model.
 "Eco-Cruise Control" function

The exclusive function for the hybrid model "Eco-Cruise Control" was newly developed. It is employed for the model with the "EyeSight" driving assist system.
  • While the EyeSight's "Adaptive Cruise Control with all-speed range tracking function" is operated, actual fuel economy is enhanced by utilizing EV driving maximally.
Packaging / Utility

New features for the hybrid model are employed while the Subaru XV's user-friendly utilities are maintained.
  • Flat and easy-to-use cargo room have been embodied by installing high voltage parts such as an inverter, a DC-DC converter and a battery as one unit under the cargo space.
  • The multi-function display shows the hybrid system's energy flow according to the driving condition such as engine / motor operation and battery recharging by brake regeneration.
Chassis / Body

The chassis performance and body rigidity have been refined to detail. Ride quality, noise reduction and sporty handling have been achieved.
  • Friction control damper has been newly adopted for front and rear suspension. It absorbs any road surface irregularities to enhance ride quality.
  • The quick steering gear ratio embodies sharper handling response and a secure feeling.
  • Noise insulation / absorbing materials have been added to reduce hybrid vehicle's unique noise.
  • Large floor undercover has been adopted in pursuit of better aerodynamic performance.
Exterior and Interior Design
Advanced hybrid engineering and quality feel have been integrated to the Subaru XV's sporty character.
  • A new "Plasma Green Pearl" exterior color exclusive for the hybrid model has been adopted. It spotlights the vehicle's environmental character.
  • The aluminum wheels which evoke superior aerodynamic performance and advanced engineering were newly designed. The enhanced rigidity of the aluminum wheels contributes straight-driving stability.
  • Head lamps exclusive for the hybrid model offer advanced quality feel. The clear blue inner lens and white bulb have been adopted for the front position lamp.*2
    The clear rear combination lamp features the same Subaru motifs used in the front.
  • In the interior, the exclusively designed instrument cluster uses gradations of the blue color scheme to create a sense of depth and advanced character. The two-tone silver and black Alcantara®*3 trim enhances the quality feel. The interior quality as the top grade model can be identified at a glance.

*1: 20.0km/liter (JC08 mode, 19.0km/liter in case that vehicle weight is 1,540kg)
*2: Japan spec only
*3: Alcantara® is the registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A.

Images : Subaru XV Hybrid

[Source : SUBARU]


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