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Updated! : ALL-NEW MAZDA3

2013 MAZDA3 Hatchback

Mazda took the unconventional KODO design and SKYACTIV Technology, and uncompromisingly adapted it for the fiercely contested C segment. The result is a new Mazda3 whose captivating exterior conceals a cabin completely redesigned for enjoyable, stress-free travel – online connectivity included. What isn’t new is the reliability and driving fun that has made this award magnet Mazda’s all-time bestseller. Sedan or hatchback, it’s a car that interacts on several levels, exceeding expectations at every turn. The new Mazda3 is going to grow on you.

Now with the complete line-up of SKYACTIV Technology matched to its stunning “KODO – Soul of Motion” design, the latest generation of Mazda’s all-time bestseller is destined to surpass expectations.

Remarkably economical and safe despite its outstanding performance: Sustainable Zoom- Zoom at its best yet.
Reflects more than ever Jinba Ittai driving, Mazda’s rider-and-horse-as-one feeling.
The first Mazda to bring occupants online, safely and non-stop, with its new in-vehicle connectivity system coupled with a new and improved human-machine interface (HMI).
For a superior ownership experience in the C segment, which represents some 25 per cent of the European passenger car market.
Scheduled for launch in Europe in fall 2013.

2013 MAZDA3 Sedan

Exterior design

An uncompromisingly alluring KODO look for an uncompromisin­gly competitive market segment, evolving the boldness of Mazda’s new-generation design theme to the brimming vitality of its sporty compact hatchback and sedan variants.

Features the lower, wider KODO stance and rear-leaning cabin with boldly flared fenders and a raked profile rising towards the rear.
Longer wheelbase with smaller front and rear overhangs hints at perfor­mance, also improving road stability and safety while creating more space for the engine as well as occupants.
Advanced craftsmanship for a new level of build quality with e.g. the minimum gaps possible between body panels and doors that open in a surprisingly natu­ral motion.
The KODO face with its contoured sig­nature wing grille flows into the solid, powerful character lines along the side of the body in an expression of energetic tension.
Sleek new headlamps project the “glaring” presence of a predator with a cleanly-structured lighting signature featuring a light-guiding ring, LEDs and inner lenses.
Nine body colours including Soul Red Metallic and two all-new tones: Titani­um Flash and Deep Crystal Blue, respectively inspired by emotion, sophistication and speed.
Available with 16- and 18-inch wheels.

Interior design & comfort

The new Mazda3 marks the debut of Mazda’s all-new interior, which is based on two contrasting cabin zones – a snug, purpose-oriented cockpit and a relaxed passenger atmosphere – separate but con­nected by the asymmetrical cen­tre console and centre stack.

Ergonomically centre-focused driver’s space designed to enable an effortless focus on the road with all key driving-related controls positioned to allow relaxed operation and minimise driver fatigue, such as:
- the Active Driving Display, one of the first in the C segment with a head-up display
- symmetrically-positioned pedals
- a lower steering wheel
- increased driver’s seat adjustment possibilities
Rear-leaning cabin with A-pillars moved 100mm to the rear improves forward visibility and the overall field of view.
Larger, more comfortable interior than previously in most ways, including best-in-class shoulder room.
Natural seating position, superb hold and stiffer vibration-suppressing seat­backs for hours on end of superior comfort.
Emotionally stylish interior finishing featuring a refined black keynote colour with sophisticated contrasts for a coherent look of quality.
Upholstery comes in a choice of black leather (with red stitching),either alone or in combination with off-white leather (white, grey and red stitching); or fabric in black.
More cargo capacity than the current hatchback; sedan can now hold three large suitcases thanks to new hinges and a 100mm-wider boot opening.
Cabin storage designed for maximum convenience and access with minimal or no eye movement.

Connectivity & equipment

The people-oriented cabin of the new Mazda3 features an impres­sive selection of state-of-the-art information, entertainment and connectivity systems, designed for convenient and above all safe operation.

Cabin split into two segments – a safe-driving zone and an infotainment zone with an innovative new human-machine interface (HMI) designed for extremely safe and user-friendly interactivity:
- all driving-related controls and information set up to facilitate quick, precise reactions with no wasted movements or energy
- Active Driving Display shows the most important real-time driving data directly in the driver’s forward field of view; all other driving information appears in the newly designed instru­ment cluster*
- 7-inch WVGA touchscreen display located above the centre stack for communications and entertainment-related info
- rotary commander on the cen­tre console redesigned for trouble-free blind operation of infotainment functions; certain features can also be accessed via voice command
Mazda introduces a brand-new in-vehicle connectivity concept on the new Mazda3:
- works with user’s smartphone, build­ing on existing Bluetooth®, email, SMS and navigation features
- safely brings a range of free mobile content into the car via the cloud platform-based AhaTM service, with more than 30,000 stations including radio, podcasts, audio books, person­alised location-based services and Facebook and Twitter audio feeds
›› supports owners with Mazda’s own vehicle apps, such as Eco-display, maintenance reminders and warnings
Other infotainment features include:
- BOSE® 9-speaker premium sound system* designed exclusively for the new Mazda3, featuring BOSE® Centerpoint® 2 surround sound technology
- SMS, MMS and email display and read­out functions in combination with a connected smartphone
- new navigation system offering more accurate route calculations, added destination search features, three years of free updates and support for up to 18 audio and 26 text languages
Highly effective climate control system modified to use less energy, thereby saving fuel.
Comprehensive parking assist system combining audio warning signal and front and rear warning zones with a visual display.


The new Mazda3 is available with a range of advanced SKYACTIV powertrains, including a choice of naturally-aspirated petrol engines and turbodiesels coupled with automatic or manual transmissions. All feature SKYACTIV’s lightweight design and come standard with i-stop, Mazda’s advanced idle-stop system. The SKYACTIV-G is also available with the company’s i-ELOOP brake energy regeneration system.

SKYACTIV-G direct injection petrol engines feature:

a 14:1 compression ratio (world’s highest in a mass-production model*)
a specially designed 4-2-1 exhaust sys­tem and enhanced fuel spray proper­ties, among other things, to counter the drawbacks to high compression
three powerplants available

The exceptionally frugal SKYACTIV-G 1.5:
74kW / 100PS at 6,000rpm & 150Nm at 4,000rpm
Fuel consumption (combined) & CO2 emissions**:
with six-speed manual: 5.0l/100 km & 118g/km
Emissions class: Euro 5

Standard and high-power versions of the SKYACTIV-G 2.0:
Standard power: 88kW / 120PS at 6,000rpm & 210Nm at 4,000rpm
High power: 121kW / 165PS at 6,000rpm & 210Nm at 4,000rpm
Fuel consumption (combined) & CO2 emissions**:
Standard power
with six-speed manual: 5.1l/100 km & 119g/km
with six-speed automatic: 5.6l/100 km & 128g/km
Emissions class: Euro 5
High power (hatchback only)
with six-speed manual and i-ELOOP: 5.8l /100 km & 135g/km
Emissions class: Euro 5

The SKYACTIV-D 2.2 common-rail diesel features:
a 14:1 compression ratio (world’s lowest*)
a variable twin turbocharger
a balance shaft to offset vibrations
110kW / 150PS at 4,500rpm & 380Nm at 1,800rpm
Fuel consumption (combined) & CO2 emissions**:
with six-speed manual: 3.9l/100 km & 104g/km
with six-speed automatic (hatchback only): 4.8l/100 km & 127g/km

Emissions class: Euro 6

SKYACTIV-Drive six-speed automatic transmission features:
full-range direct drive including a full-range lock-up clutch
a transmission computer linked with engine for quicker and smoother shifts
a kickdown switch to help the driver prevent unwanted downshifts

SKYACTIV-MT six-speed manual transmission delivers:
the light, crisp shifting of the Mazda MX-5 roadster
more efficient packaging
better fuel economy than ever

Both SKYACTIV transmissions are available in standard (up to 270Nm) and large versions (up to 460Nm).

Adapted for the C segment, the SKYACTIV-Chassis and SKYACTIV-Body offer a unique combination of aerodynamics, safety and NVH on the new Mazda3 that are more pronounced than ever. The up­shot: superior linear handling and precise control along with refined ride comfort, a remarkably quiet interior and better fuel economy.

Responds more faithfully than ever to driver input:
- neutral, accurate steering through curves with smooth, predictable pitch and roll
- harmonious linear response minimises the need for steering correction
Perfectly balanced suspension boosts comfort, agility and high-speed stability:
- lighter yet stiffer, with suspension geometry and dampers enhanced to better absorb influences from the road, but without detracting from handling
Electric power assisted steering system reworked to improve efficiency:
- lower gear ratio increases agility, requiring less driver effort
- smaller, lighter and more energy efficient system
Brake control and responsiveness in­creased by retuning the booster, reducing pedal play and using smaller cylinders:
- particularly effective on wet roads together with new high-grip tires
- stopping distances among the best in the class
- also helps save fuel

Lighter yet stronger than the current model:
- high and ultra-high tensile steels now make up 60 per cent of the body (up from half)
- body rigidity increased by 31 per cent (hatchback) and 28 per cent (sedan)
Among the best aerodynamics on the market, with fuel economy and stability enhancing cd values of 0.258 (sedan) and 0.275 (hatchback), achieved among other things by:
- adding an active air shutter*, which keeps the lower front grille closed whenever possible
- streamlining air flow underneath the vehicle with new underbody covers and tire deflectors
- using special turbulence-suppressing spoilers
Body structure effectively absorbs and disperses impact energy away from the cabin using a multi-load path concept with straight, continuous structures, delivering excellent crash safety
One of the quietest interiors in its class owing to:
- new lightweight sound-absorbing materials that block noise paths into the cabin
- vibration and noise-stifling improve­ments like stiffer powertrains, softer dampers and improved engine intake and exhaust systems

To protect occupants and pedestrians alike, Mazda has equipped the all-new Mazda3 with an enviable array of cutting-edge active safety technology as well as compre­hensive passive safety inno­vations. As a result, the com­pany expects top ratings from Euro NCAP and its traffic safety authority counterparts around the globe.

Active safety
Forward Obstruction Warning (FOW) keeps track of preceding vehicles at 15- 200km/h, issuing a warning sound and visual alert should the new Mazda3 get too close.
Smart Brake Support (SBS) pre-fills the brakes should FOW issue a warning, and then braking automatically if the system detects an imminent rear-end impact.
Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) is Mazda’s low-speed autonomous emer­gency braking system, complementing SBS at speeds of 4-30 km/h, particularly during city driving.
Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC) adjusts the throttle and applies brake pressure to maintain a safe distance from preceding vehicles at speeds up to 200 km/h.
Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM) warns of vehicles approaching from behind in adjacent lanes and the blind spots.
Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) monitors lane markings at 65km/h and up, alerting the driver of unintended lane changes.
Distance Recognition Support Sys­tem (DRSS) calculates and displays the proximity and catch-up time to pre­ceding vehicles at 30-200km/h.
Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) rapidly blinks the four-way hazard lights to warn ensuing motorists of heavy braking from 50km/h and up.
High Beam Control (HBC) automatically changes between high and low beams to avoid impairing other motorists.
Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) turns the headlamps to follow curves.
Hill Launch Assist (HLA) brakes to prevent unwanted rolling during hill starts.
Standard ABS with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and brake assist (EBA), DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) and TCS (Traction Control System).

Passive safety
With stronger materials, straight, continuous members and reinforced joints, the highly-rigid yet lightweight SKYACTIV-Body is more secure on all sides.
Larger front-end crumple zones help absorb energy, channelling it around and away from the cabin along multi-load paths.
Side sills bolstered to help prevent a front wheel encroaching into the cabin during a small overlap frontal impact.
A solid uninterrupted cage structure for the cabin controls the flow of energy for excellent side impact protection.
Enhanced rear frame set-up with a rein­forced bumper better absorbs impacts.
Trim and other interior components redesigned to reduce occupant injury potential.
Improved front seat cushion frame, seatback structure and headrests.
Rear seat components reinforced to stop luggage intrusion into the cabin.
Standard front, side and curtain airbags along with front seatbelt pretensioners and load limiters.
A bonnet and front bumper designed to better protect the head and legs of pedestrians.

Images : 2013 MAZDA3 Hatchback / Sedan

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