Thursday, April 16, 2009

The smart ed (electric drive)

UK Metropolitan Police smart ed

Following the announcement today of the financial incentive scheme for electric and hybrid cars, The smart ed (electric drive) as followed :

  • The smart ed was the top selling electric car in 2008 and continues to outsell the competition so far in 2009
  • The smart ed emits no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, unburned hydro-carbons, particulate matter or any harmful substance – in fact it emits nothing at all
  • The smart ed retains all the safety equipment you would find on a regular smart. So unlike electric quadricycles you will find ESP, ABS brakes two Airbags and seat belt pre tensioners on the ed.
  • The ed also is exempt from London Congestion Charging & Vehicle Excise Duty
  • Drivers of the smart ed can expect to achieve the equivalent of around 300 mpg
  • The smart ed has no engine oil, oil filter, spark plugs or exhaust. In fact there are only a handful of moving parts in the driveline, resulting in very low service and maintenance costs.

[Source : smart via Newspress]


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