Sunday, May 3, 2009

2009 FIA GT : Wiesmann cars to lead the season

WEISMANN GT MF5/MF4 as FIA GT Official Leader and Safety cars

SRO Motorsports Group, promoter of international GT racing, is pleased to announce a partnership with Wiesmann to supply the Official Cars for the 2009 seasons of the FIA GT and FIA GT3 European Championships, as well as the GT4 European Cup.

WEISMANN GT MF5 as FIA GT Official Safety car

Beginning at Silverstone 3rd May, the GT Championships will be led to the green flag by a Wiesmann GT MF4 as Leading Car, powered by a 4.8 litre V8 BMW power-plant, producing 367BHP. Safety Car periods will be marshalled by a Wiesmann GT MF5, powered by a 5 litre V10 BMW engine, producing 507 BHP.

WEISMANN GT MF4 as FIA GT Official Leader car

Based in Dülmen, Germany, Wiesmann produce a select range of GT and Roadster sports cars. Manufactured internally and externally by hand, and supported by engine and transmission supply from BMW, Wiesmann is revered as a purist sports car marque, blending beautiful design with engineering excellence.

Stephane Ratel, Chairman of SRO Motorsports Group, commented “We are delighted to welcome Wiesmann to the front of our GT grids in 2009. Elegant, powerful, and distinctive in design, these cars will add even more character to the grid of our eclectic mix of GT cars. I’m sure the fans will also enjoy seeing them too.”

[Source : FIA GT]


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