Friday, May 1, 2009

Auto Design : Saab Fashionista Concept

SAAB Fashionista Concept

GM announced that it will focus on four brands. Unfortunately Saab is not one of the four brands. Very likely Saab will be sold to some Chinese company.

Despite unknown future for Saab, Mayeul Walser, a 4th year design student at Creapole-ESDI has created an interesting concept called Saab Fashionista.

It is a 2+2 sport coupe inspired by the designs of world known names Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel. Saab Fashionista concept is based on the platform of Chevrolet Volt.

So in real life it would have a 40 mile range from the electric engine with a combustion engine that kicks in after that to charge the batteries. As Saab is not GM’s priority anymore we doubt we’ll see anything from Saab that is based on the Volt, but it is always fun to speculate and dream what future models could look like.

Images : SAAB Fashionista Concept

[Source : Mayeul Walser]


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