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The new Opel Astra : First Class Compact - Teaser video included!

2010 Opel Astra
  • Superior: Outstanding technologies and innovations in the compact class
  • Bold, distinctive exterior design matched with spacious, premium-feel cabin
  • All new chassis with adaptive damping will raise bar in class for comfort & handling
RÜSSELSHEIM : May 13, 2009 - Precision Engineering in German tradition, artistically formed as a sculpture and extensively equipped with innovative technology at affordable prices - the new Opel Astra is built on the same philosophy, the Opel Insignia in Europe for a few months Bestsellers in the middle-class sedans made. The new compact Opel is on 17 September premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt.

The new Astra generation promises lots of fun and offers comfort and safety equipment in the compact segment, the first of the Insignia into the middle class has put in place. These include technologies such as the exceptional completely new mechatronic chassis, the sophisticated AFL + lighting system, the Opel Eye camera for traffic sign recognition and ergonomic seats with the exclusive seal of "Healthy Action back".

"The unique experience of Opel in the construction of compact cars will be the tenth generation of impressively underlined. We have the new Astra with great passion and commitment to the clear, something very special to seek to establish the philosophy of the Insignia into the compact segment convicted, "says Alain Visser, Vice President of Opel.

With 4.42 meters long, offers the new Astra generation more space and comfort on the front and in the rear thanks to the 71 mm longer wheelbase. The Astra-athletic body, which sets the highest efficiency, was developed in close cooperation between designers and aerodynamics engineers developed the car over 600 hours in the wind tunnel optimized.

The powerful silhouette of the new Astra will be determined by the elegant proportions. Characteristic are the long sloping windshield, the optical far-advanced passenger compartment and the tail out sloping roof line, the traditional Hatchback gives additional visual tension. The new design language of the brand - skulptur term in the expression of both the highest technical precision - was fresh and individually continue.

"The design issues that we have the Insignia, as the arrow-or sickle-shapes, in the Astra were re-interpreted, because it is important that each Opel model gets its own personality," says Mark Adams, Vice President of Design of General Motors Europe. "That is why the arrow motif on the tail lights are paired up and on the opposite flank a dynamically shaped rib rapidly to high rear window and C-pillar moves." The interior design is the same and Sickle Arrow shapes and creates a harmony of interior and exterior. Great emphasis was also on the creation of versatile and flexible storage racks made.

"The Opel claim that modern high-tech to make affordable, we were able to successfully implement Insignia. We have with the Astra is still more ambitious goal of these technologies are now available in the compact segment to introduce, "said Opel chief Hans Demant. Developed in Rüsselsheim, will present the Astra for example with a completely new chassis. His larger wheelbase with additional track and a new Hinterachskonstruktion provides for even more agility and stability, without compromising the comfort detail.

The Astra chassis has been developed as a mechatronic system in which mechanical and electronic control functions perfectly complementary. As with the Insignia are the clever electronic Opel FlexRide system - a feature in this class. It offers three specific chassis adjustments - standard, Sport and Tour - while it is simultaneously a comprehensive and continuously to the respective driving speeds and the curve fit.

To further technological innovations, the first time with the Opel Insignia were presented and the Astra is now in the compact class introduces include:
  • A new generation of the Bi-Xenon lighting system, AFL + (Advanced Forward Lighting), its intensity and range through nine different light settings to driving and road situations adapts. The system is unique in the compact class.
  • The Opel Eye camera frontal system that detects road signs and warns if the car inadvertently leaving the lane.
  • Ergonomic front seats, the optimal back support and increase security. They wear only seat in the compact class, the seal of the "Healthy Action back".
The engine program is designed to efficiently and is to start from eight units, all Euro 5-standard. They are down to the gasoline-and diesel-level engine with six-speed gearbox, including a new compact automatic transmission with 'Active Select' function for clutch-free switching.

The CDTI turbo-diesel program contains four common-rail engines with multiple injection from 1.3 to 2.0 liters, which 70kW/95 hp to 118 kW/160 hp afford. All are equipped with particulate traps. A Ecoflex version with a particularly low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is the engine program.

The four petrol engines with 1.4 or 1.6-liter have a performance range from 74 kW/100 hp to 132 kW/180 hp. A new, smaller 103 kW / 140 hp turbo replaces the current 1.8-suckers. Thanks to high-tech features, the engine capacity in this class are abnormally developed the 1.4 turbo a 14 percent higher torque, combined with lower fuel consumption simultaneously.

The new Astra is a milestone in the Opel's compact-class tradition, with the presentation of the first cadet in the year 1936 began. Opel claims continually among the top three of the most successful compact in Europe - a segment that good quarter of the total car market covers. The Astra, with an average of 500,000 vehicles per year for a third of all Opel sales.

Video : 2010 Opel Astra Video Teaser

Images : 2010 Opel Astra

[Source : GM-OPEL]


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