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Yulon Group Launches World's First Smart Vehicle Incorporating Taiwan's IT Technology under the Indigenous LUXGEN Brand

Luxgen 7 MPV

TAIPEI, Taiwan : August 21, 2009 - LUXGEN, the indigenous automobile brand established by Taiwan's Yulon Group, held a press conference for the launch of LUXGEN7 MPV, world's first advanced and smart MPV incorporating both Taiwan's renowned IT (Information Technology) and advanced ET (Energy Technology) achievements in Taiwan on Aug. 19th. Yulon Group's CEO Mr. Kenneth K. T. Yen has announced an ambitious plan to establish the Taiwan-based LUXGEN as a global brand powered by engineering excellence and technical innovation.

By focusing on the development of various high-tech features and latest alternative energy technologies, LUXGEN strives integrate Taiwan's auto and IT industry to maximize the industrial value and to elevate Taiwan's automobile industry to a new level.

The LUXGEN brand consist the elements luxury and genius to signify its dedication in offering luxurious, high-tech and smart automobiles. Based on the brand spirit of "Think Ahead," LUXGEN offers a unique sales and service experience that will far exceed the expectations.

Mr. K. C. Hu, president of the LUXGEN and a strong team of experts and specialists have published a series of marketing activities rich in acoustical & visual stimulants and an immensely resourceful and interactive official website to attract the attention of every potential audience.

Founded in 1949, Yulon Group's business operation includes automobile R&D and manufacturing, textile manufacturing, IT and high tech R&D and manufacturing, real estate development, financial service and investment, publishing and many more. Yulon Group's automobile companies are manufacturing quality vehicles in association with Nissan, Mitsubishi, GM, Chrysler, and Mercedes Benz. This Taiwan's largest automobile manufacturer has JV plants located in Taiwan , Mainland China and the Philippines .


The core of the LUXGEN is forged in elements of LUXURY and GENIUS. The combination of luxury & genius is complemented by the devotion to think ahead & exceed expectation in order to excel. LUXGEN cherish every opportunity to make anyone feel indulged and reverend.

LUXURY conducts to pleasure, comfort and sumptuous surroundings. LUXURY also stands for richness in details, indulgence and ability to satisfy and provide enjoyment.

Genius speaks for uniqueness, forward thinking, facing challenge and ability to differentiate. Genius also is the tangibility of creative imagination, material, design and function. Genius also applies to human-centric application of technologies that engender both amazement and admiration.


LUXGEN7 MPV is a 7-passenger multi-purpose vehicle equipped with the latest technologies which makes it unique among the competition. LUXGEN7 MPV breaks out of the traditional MPV mold by offering not just top notch space and utility but also the styling and comfort level typically found on much more expensive luxury vehicles. Moreover, the advanced and exclusive Think + Car PC infotainment and integrated road safety system is only available from LUXGEN makes it world's most advanced and smartest vehicle of any kind! LUXGEN Think + Car PC System

The revolutionary LUXGEN Think+ system (co-developed with HTC) with a built-in HSPDA 3.5G communication, GPS Navigation and a 10.2inch LCD display screen provides a comprehensive media entertainment, communication, satellite navigation, road safety, owner's service and system configuration options.

LUXGEN road safety system includes Eagle View+ 360 degree parking assist which utilizes 4 video cameras to provide a real-time visual display of the surrounding environment with in 2 meters of distance. The advanced Side View+ automatically displays live video image of the vehicle's rear blind spot to reduce the chance of an accident. The advanced Night Vision+ high sensitivity night vision camera system helps illuminate the road and traffic conditions at night beyond the range of the headlamps. LDWS+ constantly reads the road surface for lane markers and dividers and gives audible and visual warnings when the vehicle veers to close to the lane to improve safety. All in all, the LUXGEN7 MPV is equipped with 23 advanced ECUs and 8 video cameras to provide unprecedented safety, convenience and functionality.

2.2L DOHC 16 Valve MEFI Turbo Engine

LUXGEN7 MPV is powered by an advanced and efficient 2.2L DOHC 16Valve turbocharged and intercooled inline 4 cylinder engine. Manufactured with precision and equipped with a responsive Garrett turbocharger, this compact and light weight engine develops 175hp/5200rpm and 28kg -m/2,500-4,000rpm of torque to provide brisk performance with a wide and smooth torque band.

Standard Aisin 5-Speed Adaptive Automatic Transmission

LUXGEN7 MPV comes equipped with an AISIN 5-speed adaptive automatic transmission with 10 adaptive shift algorithms including a manual mode for the best performance and driver controllability.

Dynamic Chassis Tuning, European Flavor

The chassis of the LUXGEN7 MPV has been thoroughly engineered by globally renowned partners including a sharp and accurate steering system fine tuned by Delphi , NVH suppression engineering by LMS, Smooth and responsive suspension system developed by Magna and overall chassis test and tuning by both Magma and Prodrive.

Rigid and Spacious Monocoque Unibody Structure

LUXGEN7 MPV's body structure consists of a front and a rear impact absorption crumble zones and a super rigid monocoque unibody structure constructed with 590MPa high tensile steel. A Multi-H structure consists of 4 longitudinally mounted and 5 transversely mounted steel cross beams to ensure upmost body strength and occupant protection and helps LUXGEN7 MPV be awarded with a 4-star rating in MIRA crash tests. Moreover, LUXGEN7 MPV receives 15.8 points (out of maximum 16 points) in side-impact crash rating, an outstanding design and safety engineering achievement.

Images : Luxgen 7 MPV

[Source : LUXGEN]


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