Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buick Avant - Buick Takes on Small Premium Vehicles

Buick Avant Concept - Buick Takes on Small Premium Vehicles

In this project, GM studied potential markets around the world, trying to understand how luxury is changing, and the aspirations of consumers and how they use vehicles in the context of their everyday lives. What GM found out is this — how people use their cars, where they drive, what they need and expect from premium products, and how these things are all changing in different parts of the world.

The world of luxury is changing. It isn’t all about bling. As luxury customers become more discerning, more conscientious, and more pressed for time, there is a way to improve their lives with a small premium car.

GM worked to translate these insights into useful and desirable vehicles; concepts that are about more than just styling. Yes, aesthetics are an important; they convey the owner’s tastes and values. But GM also developed a series of features that consumers would find both useful and delightful.

What is a Premium Buick experience about? Relaxation…anticipation of your needs…effortless travel.

How can this be translated in a Small vehicle that is relevant in the evolving global marketplace? Efficiency…guilt-free pleasure…aesthetic presence on a smaller scale.

Buick is an interesting brand. It has a long history and relevance in the U.S. and China. Its position in the world’s two largest automotive markets gives it a unique global presence among other premium vehicle marques. For designers around the GM world, Buick is an emotional brand. GM are interested in the possibilities for Buick.

Ultimately, GM wanted to create a dramatic expression of a new kind of Buick. GM designed six exterior themes and four interior concepts as proposals. Each utilized some of the features GM developed, and took the Buick aesthetic in a new direction.

This vehicle is intended to be a stunning object, something that fits into the consumer’s everyday life, yet elevates the everyday to a compelling experience.

Video : Buick Avant - Buick Takes on Small Premium Vehicles

Images : Buick Avant - Buick Takes on Small Premium Vehicles

[Source : GM Lab.]


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