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2011 Alfa Romeo 169 rendered images

2011 Alfa Romeo 169 - Rendered

Although initially promised to arrive onto the market by the end of this year, the bad economic situation pushed the release of the Alfa Romeo 169 way into the future. The replacement of the Alfa 166 will arrive, according to the most optimist estimates, sometimes in late 2010. Of course, there are those saying it will not be here until 2012.

As you can see, those who got impatient to wait for the real thing, set out to release a few CGIs of the 169, as expected (or should we say hoped) to look like. And, to be honest, if Alfa choses to go this way in terms of design, the 169 may turn in to something the 166 never was: a hit.

From a visual standpoint, the 169 is said to mark the definitive departure of Alfa Romeo from the current design cues for its large sedan lines in the years to come. Although the CGIs show a front end inspired, but not quite the same as in today's Alfa's, the rear end may present radical changes, bringing it closer to the lines of the Mercedes CLS or the Volkswagen Passat CC.

Rumor about the 169 has been around for quite some time. The car itself has been marked as one of the Alfa Romeo models to hit US shores in 2009, but, as we said, economic conditions, as well as the lack of a viable platform, had put a firm end to that. For now, as Fiat's alliance with American manufacturer Chrysler made such an outcome is possible again. It opened the doors to both new platforms and a dealership network for the car to be distributed.

Although nothing is yet confirmed, the 169 is expected to be a rear-wheel drive platform, powered by a variety of engines, with power outputs ranging from 170 to 250 hp.

Price wise, the four door coupe may be in the 40,000 euro range. Further details will likely surface in bulk starting next year.

[Source : auto evolution]


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