Monday, October 5, 2009

The Ibiza ECOMOTIVE sets a new fuel-saving record of 2.34 l/100 km

SEAT Ibiza ECOMOTIVE set the new record, 2.34 l/100 km.

  • Driving across 12 European states on a single tank to set a new record
  • Only 44.81 litres of fuel were needed to cover the distance of 1,910 km
  • Austrian long-haul specialist Gerhard Plattner set the new record with the Spanish car
MARTORELL : October 5, 2009 - Once again, the SEAT Ibiza ECOMOTIVE has proven its ecological merits and driving efficiency by covering no less than a distance of 1,910 km on a single tank of fuel, resulting in an average consumption figure of 2.34 l/100 km. This incredible repeat performance was carried out magnificently by Austrian Gerhard Plattner, a well-known champion of fuel-saving tests, who got the most out of the Ibiza ECOMOTIVE’s qualities.

The first time Plattner teamed up with the Ibiza ECOMOTIVE was in late April, when the dynamic duo drove from SEAT factory installations in Martorell to Göttingen, Germany, with an average fuel consumption of 2.9 litres for every 100 km.

For the current record, Plattner set out from Cieszyn, Poland, on 23 September, immediately after the IPMC (International Police Motor Corporation) sealed the car’s bonnet and fuel tank filling mouth.

The route included a total of 12 European states, and Plattner drove through the cities of Mosty (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovaquia), Hegyeshalom (Hungary), Graz (Austria), Varazdin (Croatia), Maribor (Slovenia), Toblach (Italy), Innsbruck (Austria), Schaan (Principality of Liechtenstein), Zurich (Switzerland) and Saint-Louis (France) to finish off in Frankfurt (Germany).

When he switched off the engine for the last time, the seal on the fuel tank was still intact and the new fuel-saving record of SEAT’s Ibiza ECOMOTIVE was certified for its segment. The excellent final figure result corroborates the reduced consumption and emissions levels characteristic of the ECOMOTIVE range, whose new Altea and Altea XL ECOMOTIVE additions were exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor show.

[Source : SEAT]


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