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Ford RS specialist Graham Goode Racing launches GGR RS370FR Focus RS upgrade

Ford Focus RS GGR RS370FR

Leicester based Ford RS specialist Graham Goode Racing Ltd (GGR) is delighted to announce a range topping, fully warrantied, independently validated high performance upgrade package for the 300bhp Mk2 Ford Focus RS.

Incorporating the lessons learnt from the previously released Superchips developed ‘340’ Focus RS upgrade, GGR’s new performance conversion features comprehensive mechanical enhancements which have been carefully refined to produce a driveable, reliable, yet stunningly rapid fast road upgrade package.

The mechanical changes required for the GGR RS370FR are extensive but no internal modifications are needed to the Focus RS’s 2.5-litre, five cylinder turbocharged engine. As such the GGR RS370FR package includes:
  • GGR carbon fibre Cold Air Induction System (CAIS)
  • GGR large capacity air to air intercooler with alloy air diverter plates
  • GGR large volume fuel injectors
  • GGR silicone boost hoses
  • GGR large bore exhaust turbo front pipe and sports catalyst section
  • GGR specification ECU remap using Superchip’s Bluefin and firmware upgrade
Post upgrade, the Mk2 Focus RS boasts significant performance gains from just 3000rpm, with total output rising from 301bhp to a stunning 368bhp at 6383rpm, equating to a 22% increase. Torque reaches a peak output of 339lb.ft at 4997rpm (from a measured 310lb.ft on the stock Focus RS,) highlighting the flexibility of the RS370FR package.

“In our opinion, this is the optimum power and torque output for the car,” says GGR’s Technical Manager Alastair Mayne, “because even with the sophisticated Revoknuckle front suspension and Quaife ATB differential, gaining sufficient traction can be a problem. Bearing that in mind, we’ve made a conscious policy decision to limit the engine’s torque, although there’s certainly more to come from the motor if we wanted it,” Mayne continues, “because the RS370FR package is running relatively low levels of boost.”

Commenting on the release, GGR MD Graham Goode said ‘It gives me great pleasure to launch this latest Focus RS upgrade, which builds upon the success and popularity of the 340 conversion, but raises performance to a new level. I am delighted with the outcome of the work undertaken by our technical team, because the GGR RS370FR package is exceptionally fast, yet as usable and civilised as our numerous Focus RS customers expect.’

The GGR RS370FR package is available now, fully fitted at GGR’s Leicester premises for £3750.00 plus VAT as a drive in, drive out package.

For complete peace of mind, the new GGR RS370FR performance upgrade is covered by Graham Goode Racing’s own comprehensive 12 month / 30,000 mile breakdown warranty.

A demonstrator Mk2 Focus RS, featuring the GGR RS370FR package and further exciting dynamic enhancements is available now for media testing purposes, by appointment only.

Please contact our PR agency, Knivett Communications, for more information.

The GGR RS370FR Focus RS package in detail

GGR Carbon Fibre Cold Air Induction System
Designed in house at Graham Goode Racing’s famous Leicester premises, the GGR RS370FR Focus RS CAIS has been developed by Mark Exon of GGR’s experiencedtechnical team, to overcome the performance shortcomings inherent with the factory RS airbox design.

“All Mk2 2008 onwards Ford Focus (apart from ST,) including the RS derivative, now use the same airbox whether they running a 1.6-litre diesel engine or a 2.5-litre turbocharged powerplant,” says GGR’s Technical Manager Alastair Mayne. “On the new RS model Ford’s sole modification compared to the standard Focus airbox is an additional cold air feed pipe which picks up from the top of the slam panel, but even this is shrouded where it emerges within the airbox casing,” Mayne explains.

GGR’s testing process highlighted that even on a standard RS – let alone a tuned car – the stock airbox’s low flow capacity is liable to present a serious performance compromise.

Additionally, down stream of the standard air box itself the flexible feed pipe that links up to the alloy intake ‘cross over’ pipe has a tendency to collapse inwards due to insufficient structural rigidity and flow restrictions of the standard air box assembly. “Whilst this isn’t a problem on a standard RS Focus engine, the flow requirements at higher boost levels as on the RS370FR means that this pipe distortion presents a major performance restriction,” Mayne explains.

Bearing these factors in mind, GGR’s technical team has leveraged its experience on the Focus ST to produce a state of the art CAIS that truly befits the RS model. Starting at the cold air scoop, the GGR CAIS boasts a slam panel fresh air pick up that’s nearly 100% larger in cross sectional area than the Ford original.

In turn this feeds through a large volume inlet directly into the body of the GGR CAIS, which is produced from a single piece of high quality carbon fibre.

Internally, the GGR Mk2 Focus RS CAIS utilises a high flow K&N cone filter element rated to 500bhp, which fixes to a CAD designed spun aluminium radiussed bellmouth, which is specially designed to channel air into the CAIS outlet pipe.

The outlet pipe itself is produced in house at GGR from top quality triple layer silicon hose, and this element of GGR’s CAIS is offered in a choice of colours including green, blue and white (more colours are available on request.)

In practical terms, the GGR CAIS flows 5% more inlet air than the stock Ford airbox, enabling the unit satisfy the breathing demands of a 368bhp engine with ease.

GGR large capacity intercooler
The standard Focus RS air to air intercooler was identified by GGR’s technical team as a major performance shortcoming early on in the development program of the car. “Controlling the air charge temperatures (ACT’s) on any car – particularly a turbocharged vehicle – is critically important to optimise performance,” says GGR’s Alastair Mayne.

“As part of technical development process we monitored the ACT’s on the Focus RS and found that they were high enough to cause problems, even when the car is running at standard power levels,” Mayne comments.

Therefore GGR’s challenge for this next level of upgrade was to develop an intercooler which was much more effective than the factory version, yet could be installed into the front of the Focus RS without bodywork alterations. “It is critical to our Focus RS customers that any unnecessary modifications are avoided,” says Mayne. “These are cherished cars and accordingly, the design of GGR’s upgrades needs to respect that.”

Ultimately, after two months of development, the end result is a tube and fin alloy intercooler with a cooling surface area some 96% larger than the original, which also features a highly efficient core (the same design used on the Williams / Palmer F2 cars) and special alloy flow diverter plates designed to channel air into the unit.

“On the road and during testing on the chassis dyno the air charge temperatures haven’t exceeded 40 degrees, which is pleasing, plus the new intercooler outlet hosing design offers less of a boost restriction compared to the original Ford items. The GGR intercooler is also straightforward to fit, so we’re really satisfied with the end product.”

GGR high volume fuel injectors
During GGR’s development work on the RS370FR package it soon became apparent that the standard Bosch Focus RS fuel injectors were limiting power output. “Beyond a genuine 340-345bhp the original injectors simply cannot flow enough petrol to satisfy the requirements of the Duratec I5 engine – they are at 100% of their duty cycle,” Mayne explains.

After much research a set of new, direct replacement fuel injectors was located using GGR’s extensive European connections, with the new units flowing 26% more than the originals. “This offers us easily enough scope for the power and torque outputs we were targeting and more importantly, they retain the standard physical dimensions and fuel atomisation patterns of the original Bosch units, which realises emission and driveability benefits,” Mayne says.

GGR Silicone boost hoses
As part of GGR’s RS370FR package two critical hoses are replaced with high quality three ply silicone items. The first is the hose which links the GGR carbon fibre CAIS to the Focus RS turbo crosspipe as this is known to collapse and deform even on standard models, the second is the hose from the intercooler outlet.

GGR large bore turbo front pipe and sports catalyst section
GGR’s large bore turbo front pipe is designed as a direct replacement for the steel Ford original. Careful dyno development work has resulted in a unit TIG welded from aircraft quality T304 stainless steel pipe, featuring a smooth, mandrel bent radius and a 75mm internal diameter to minimise exhaust back pressure. “The turbo front pipe is similar in design to the well proven GGR unit used on our Focus ST upgrades. It greatly improves low down torque and allows the engine to breathe much more efficiently, which makes it a vital part of the RS370FR package,” says GGR’s Alastair Mayne.

Further downstream from the turbo outlet, GGR has replaced the standard, flow restricted production catalytic converter for a 100 cells per square inch unit, which offers emission compliance and low back pressure levels.

GGR specification ECU remap using Superchip’s platform and firmware upgrade
The significant mechanical changes undertaken by GGR as part of the RS370FR package required extensive ECU recalibration to optimise engine performance. “There was a considerable amount of work to carry out in partnership with Superchips, particularly given the large volume fuel injectors. Throughout this process our goals were very simple, to produce a driver friendly performance package and I’m confident we’ve achieved that,” explains GGR’s Technical Manager Alastair Mayne.

Extensive testing and road testing validation have resulted in an ECU map that utilises Superchip’s Bluefin platform (as with the RS340 conversion,) but with settings optimised to a GGR specific calibration designed to maximise useable power and minimise wheelspin.

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