Friday, November 20, 2009

Say Hello to The New Baby KIA

2010 KIA Carens

Posh and Becks famously named one of their offspring after Brooklyn, and now Tony and Sam have done it… with Kia. When mum-to-be Sam Smyth felt the beginnings of labour at 02:00am on Sunday morning, she called her mother who came to the rescue in her Kia Carens.

Installed in the Carens, alongside expectant father Tony Richardson, a swift trip to Poole Hospital followed.

However, baby didn’t want to wait and at 04:30am things had progressed somewhat with Samantha giving birth to a healthy baby girl weighing in at 6lbs 7ozs in the back of the Carens.

“It all happened so quickly” said proud mum Sam, mum of three.

The couple originally planned to call the new arrival Tilley, but to celebrate her unusual arrival into the world they decided that Kia was more appropriate.

Kia Motors (UK) Ltd. couldn’t ignore the chance to give a youngster a helping hand in life and immediately stepped in with an unusual gift – a newly registered 2009 top-of-the-range seven-seat Kia Carens, valued at £17,995.

But that’s not all… to help keep their new car and Kia’s birthplace in tip top condition, they’re also going to throw in two sets of waterproof seat covers, well accidents do happen with little ‘uns, and two car-car bags to keep their new Carens, and Grannie’s, nice and shiny.

Happy mum of Kia, Sam, said; “I’m just so chuffed. I can’t believe it. At the moment we only have a four seat car so this will mean we can get the family about in comfort. Thank you to Kia for arriving and to Kia for the car!”

Michael Cole, Kia Motors (UK) Ltd., said ‘All of us at Kia are delighted for Tony and Sam and flattered that they have called their new baby Kia after she was born in Grannie’s Carens. We know how good the Carens is for families – especially growing ones - so we thought we should help them out by giving them a Carens of their own! We would like to welcome Kia to the Kia family and wish her a wonderful life.”

[Source : KIA]


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