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Citroën DS High Rider : dynamic, compact and exclusive.

Citroen DS High Rider Concept

PARIS : February 12, 2010 - In February 2009, Citroën created the event by announcing the birth of a line distinctive products: the DS online. It announced a facet of the new dynamics of Brand, symbolized by his signature: Creative Technology. Complementary range Main Citroen DS line of products offers the most radical choice for customers to research bias style, architecture, sensations and refinement.

A year after this major event, and while DS3 is now in showrooms of the Brand, Citroën is taking a new step in the evocation of the future of this line with the HIGH RIDER DS concept. A modern view of the dynamism that places like the compactness value Founder and opens the door to new uses, new car and a pleasure innovative technological approach which relies particularly on a powertrain "Full Hybrid "diesel.

The DS line: a process that continues in a new world

With DS HIGH RIDER, Citroen clearly remains true to the philosophy of the line DS: propose products with strong biases in both style of architecture. Without denying the charm of traditional cut, CITROËN invented this concept with other ways to express the dynamic car. Expressions less restrictive and more inclusive, more adapted to running conditions of our time while exuding a renewed driving pleasure.

Contrary to cut 4 squares rather long and low, DS HIGH RIDER sign dynamism while compact and muscular. The silhouette of DS HIGH RIDER combined to make its pitch in effect
obvious reading of compactness, which is reinforcing the perception of dynamism. This dynamism is reflected visually suggested, after driving by driving sensations unique
thanks to the combination of the following:
  • A windshield that goes back up on the flag
  • An interior designed closer to the occupants to express the maintenance and maintenance they receive,
  • Links ground receiving all the know-how to ensure Brand sensations dynamic filtering at the highest level.

A style that embodies a new vision

Because it takes its inspiration directly from the values it carries, the style of DS HIGH RIDER escapes the cliches to give birth to a new form, radically modern and naturally
elegant. DS HIGH RIDER not trying to express the strength or versatility: his line is the reflects both alive and pure.

Object of desire, it is distinguished by its coherence, which is that of a "nice car" which emphasizes harmony of form, through a sensual modeling and physically very active, which prevents caricature. The ground clearance and enhanced the strong presence of wheels 19 inch alloy diamond structure and the proportions involved in defining the character of DS HIGH RIDER. The primacy in search of authentic elegance of its forms has also led to bangender effects, which sometimes are used to type a vehicle wheel wells, treatment volumes and particularly the sides are complete in themselves when it comes to expressing the robustness and protective nature of DS HIGH RIDER. Items such as bumpers front and rear, while also expressing the dynamism and agility, are, therefore, perfectly integrated with volumes DS HIGH RIDER, they underline the consistency.

Nice car, nice cut, DS HIGH RIDER is also expressed on the register of exclusivity and elegance, stressing the beauty of its forms with touches of luxury contemporary in perfect harmony with the "Golden Gloss" golden color, glossy and sensual novel that was chosen for this first appearance of DS HIGH RIDER, smoked chrome enclosures for side windows accentuate their shape very and special offers literally light a light that is also part of the decoration front and rear thanks to the guides that draw headlights and sidelights.

Animate object, with a unique personality, DS HIGH RIDER is definitely a Citroen, Instantly recognizable from the double chevron which revolves around its entire front,
picked up his back and stretched.

An original concept, agile and seductive

HIGH RIDER DS boosts versatility by providing the agility at first glance, it is necessary as a coupe reminiscent of movement, well proportioned encamped. A cut that inspires
insurance, his character subtly muscled, not outrageous aggression: the ground clearance is elevated the field of view dominates the road and traffic. The feeling of security and protection is fully present, but without arrogance or brutality. Without not appear to occupy on the road or in Street space exaggerated in terms of interior volume, the length of DS HIGH RIDER is contained with 4, 26 meters (width 1.82 m and 1.48 m height), while maintaining a remarkable roominess.

If the convenience of elegant dresses for DS HIGH RIDER, it also suggests other pleasures, with its roof covered with a coated textile material, which evokes a position discoverable. The agility and the ability to overcome the constraints of DS HIGH RIDER, so clearly visible, result course in the engine choice, since it is a power train "Full Hybrid" diesel animates, combining:
  • A diesel engine HDi FAP;
  • An electric motor located at the rear;
The fun dynamic performance is combined with a well protected environment. The "Full Hybrid "diesel makes it possible to combine the simplicity of a diesel engine last a generation electric ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle), while continuously optimizing the operation alternate or common for both engines. The electric motor can indeed, as soon as the driver need a high speed, instantly bringing its extra torque of the motor HDi. Furthermore, this torque is transmitted to the rear wheels under these conditions of use, the motor is complete and total control, the dynamic qualities of DS HIGH RIDER are then sublimated.

images : Citroen DS High Rider

[Source : CITROEN - French Automated Translation]


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