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Premiere at Nürburgring : First LEXUS LFA delivered in Germany

2011 Lexus LFA - The first LFA in Germany

COLOGNE : May 13, 2011 - The 412 kW/560 hp Lexus LFA is not only the first super sports car in the portfolio of premium Japanese brand, it's also one of the most strictly limited cars in the world. As unusual as the car, so unusually the much-anticipated delivery of the first LFA in Germany: The proud owner took his own personal LFA on the most beautiful racetrack in the world, the Nürburgring.

Manfred Sattler - Owner of the first LFA in Germany

There have been from the start a special relationship between the Lexus LFA and the legendary circuit in the Eifel. In all phases of the two-seater with the immensely powerful V10 engine has been tested repeatedly prototypes and pre-production models on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. The revolutionary super sports car with the body made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic had not only closed to the public as a camouflaged Erlkönig by the Green Hell, but also before the eyes of hundreds of thousands of spectators and cameras at the legendary 24-hour race. A class win and a thousand lessons learned to the CAA paved the way to market, but also fueled the desire of the super sports clientele for the fastest and most exclusive model of the Lexus brand.

Knowing this history, it is not surprising that the first delivered in Germany LEXUS LFA now moves into the garage of a passionate racing driver and a proven Nürburgring connoisseur. Manfred Sattler, owner of the launching in the VLN Long Distance Championship volcano Racing team showed determination joy. "When I saw the first prototype at the Nurburgring, I was so impressed that I wanted to buy the car immediately," And he showed patience, because - that was it clear from the beginning - to be delivered should be LFA only at this time. Now the proud owner of his dream car from Lexus, Germany took over at the Nurburgring. After the first few laps Nordschleife Sattler summed up: "The wait was definitely worth it. The car is sensational! "

The Lexus LFA is one certainty at the most exclusive cars in the world. But it's actually even more exclusive: 2012 Lexus will launch a limited edition of 50 copies special version of the LFA, which is trimmed by hand to the ultimate race track - thanks to the strictly selected components of the "Nürburgring" packages. Each buyer will also receive an unforgettable driving course on the legendary Nordschleife and an annual pass for the personal challenge, "The Lexus LFA through the green hell."

Images : 2011 Lexus LFA - The first LFA in Germany

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