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2013 Volkswagen GOLF R Cabriolet

  • Volkswagen introduces the first R-series  Cabriolet
  • Golf R with open top makes debut as most powerful Volkswagen Cabriolet ever
  • 265 PS Golf R Cabriolet accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds
WOLFSBURG / NICE : February 11, 2013 -  For  at  least a  decade now the  “R” model identifier has  referred to the  most powerful Volkswagen cars  in the compact class.

So far,  they have always been cars  with solid  steel roofs and some with  sliding sunroofs. Now,  Volkswagen is introducing an  open-top R model for the  first  time: the  new  Golf R Cabriolet. This sports car will be delivered to customers by spring 2013; and these early purchasers will be driving the  most powerful and fastest Golf Cabriolet cars  ever.

Tremendous propulsive power is generated by a 2.0-litre turbo engine with  direct petrol injection (TSI) that develops 195 kW / 265 PS. Maximum torque is just  as  important to  dynamic performance: from a low 2,500 rpm, the  crankshaft of the  TSI thrusts 350 Nm  of torque to the  standard 6-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG). This high torque level remains constant up  to 5,000 rpm: an  impressive torque characteristic and highly agile handling properties are key ingredients of the new Golf R Cabriolet.

6.4 seconds and 8.2 litre fuel consumption. Drivers who  make use of the car’s full power potential can  accelerate the  open-top Golf to 100 km/h in  just  6.4  seconds. The  car’s  top  speed is  electronically limited to 250 km/h. The  6-speed DSG is an  ideal partner here, shifting quickly and without any  interruptions in  power transfer. Since the  open-top sports car  already has  lots  of power at  the  lowest revs,  and the  engine very  seldom needs to  rev  fast,  fuel  consumption is lower than would be  expected for  such a high powered car:  8.2 l/100  km  (equivalent to 190 g/km CO2).

Exclusive standard features. As the  new  range-topping Golf Cabriolet model, in  additional to  offering standard  features such as  rollover protection, this  model will also  feature bi-xenon headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED rear lights, 18-inch alloy wheels, sport seats (front), leather upholstery, automatic climate control, audio system of Germany.

“R” turbo engine

133.6  PS  per litre displacement and 6-speed DSG.  In  the  new  Golf R Cabriolet, the  turbocharger of the  very  flexible EA113 series direct petrol injection engine offers great variability right up  to  the  highest power ranges. As already mentioned,  the  engine produces a  strong 265 PS which is available from 6,000  rpm. The  1,984 cc  four-cylinder engine’s power-to-displacement  ratio  is  a  respectable 98.3  kW  or 133.6 PS  per  litre.  

This  makes the   TSI  engine very  responsive. The in-line four  cylinder engine builds up  its impressive propulsive power via a turbocharger (up  to  1.2 bar  charge pressure) and an  intercooler. The  pistons of the  four  cylinder were equipped with  reinforced bolts compared to the  less powerful TSI versions. Engine designers also made the  connecting rods stronger to transfer the  high torque reliably to the crankshaft. Last but not least, the  cylinder block was also  reinforced to handle the  higher engine forces. The  TSI’s power is transferred to  the front wheels via a standard 6-speed DSG transmission.

“R” sport chassis

 Ride  height is 25 mm lower. With  regard to  its  “R” running gear,  the Golf R Cabriolet retains the  sophisticated suspension layout of other open-top Golf models. This  means familiar suspension struts with  coil springs and telescoping dampers at the  front and multi-link suspension at the  rear to ensure that the  electronic stabilisation programme seldom needs to  intervene. The  ride  height for  the  R model was  lowered by 25 mm, however, and the  springs, dampers and stabilisers were given  a sporty tuning in keeping with  the  vehicle’s character.

Adaptive chassis control. The  DCC  adaptive chassis control system is available as an  option; its behaviour has  also  however been synchronised to match the  character of the  Golf R Cabriolet. The system continually adapts chassis damping to the  road and driving situation. Along with  the  standard “Normal” mode, the  driver may  also  manually activate a “Sport” or “Comfort” damper control setting. have a diameter of 345 mm, the  rear discs 310 mm. The  steering system with  electromechanical assist was  also  given  a sportier characteristic. When the  Golf R Cabriolet is ordered with  the  DCC vehicle dynamics control system, the  steering assist has  a modified characteristic tuned to the  selected mode (“Sport”, “Normal”, “Comfort”).

18-inch wheels as  standard. Standard wheels on the Golf R Cabriolet are  18-inch “Talladega” type alloy  wheels in  “Sterling Silver”  colour with  225/40 size  tyres. The  same type of wheel can be  ordered in an optional 19-inch version with  235/35  tyres. The 19-inch wheels can  also be ordered in “Black”.

“R” standard features

Safe  and comfortable. All versions of the  Golf Cabriolet offer  standard features such as  a soft  top  that opens and closes fully  automatically, automatic rollover protection  system; electronic stabilisation programme and air conditioning. The Golf R Cabriolet also offers numerous extra features as standard.

Exterior and wheels. In its body and running gear,  the  Golf R Cabriolet is distinguished by the  following items:

•    Chrome tailpipes (left and right)
•    Wing mirror housings in glossy  black look
•    Bi-xenon headlights (headlight housings in black)
•    Brake  callipers painted black with  “R” logo
•    Diffuser in glossy  black look
•    Radiator grille  in high-gloss black (with “R” logo  on  the  right side)
•    LED rear lights
•    LED daytime running lights (integrated in bumper)
•    18-inch alloy  wheels
•    Air inlet screen on  front bumper in glossy  black
•    Motorsport look  of the  bumpers
•    Rear  spoiler in body colour
•    Side  sill extensions in body colour

Interior.  “R”-specific interior details include the  following:

•    Aluminium accents (“Silver  Lane”) as dashboard and door trim
•    Chrome accents on  mirror adjuster switches
•    Chrome surrounds on  rotary light  switch
•    Aluminium door sill plates with  “R” logo
•    Leather handbrake grip
•    Instrument cluster with  blue instrument pointers
•    Multifunction leather-trimmed steering wheel with  aluminium look  trim and DSG controls
•    Pedals in stainless steel
•    Gear  shift  grip  is leather-trimmed and has  aluminium look
•    Sport seats (front) with  storage pockets at the  back, logos  in head restraints (front) and leather seat covers (“Vienna” Cool  Leather)
•    Fabric floor  mats (front and rear)
•    Decorative seams in “Art Grey”

Function and safety. The  Golf R Cabriolet also  offers these functional and safety features:

•    Wing mirror on  right side  lowers for reversing
•    Anti-theft warning system
•    XDS electronic differential lock
•    Automatic climate control (Climatronic),
•    Dynamically controlled headlight levelling as well as dynamic and static cornering lights
•    Multifunction display “Plus”
•    ParkPilot (parking assistant)
•    12-V outlet in the  boot

The roof
Summer in  9.0  seconds. The  roof  system of the  Golf  R Cabriolet was adopted 1:1 from other models in  the  series. The  standard electro- hydraulically-operated soft  top  is activated from a central switch on the  centre console. The top  can  even be opened (9.0 seconds) or closed (11.0 seconds) while driving at  speeds up  to  30 km/h. Two  hydraulic pumps activated by  a central switch generate the  required pressure. Measures were even taken in  this  area to  ensure that as  little  noise as  possible is produced; the  hydraulic unit is therefore enclosed by insulation. The  soft  top  of the  Golf Cabriolet is unlatched and latched fully automatically by an  electromechanical locking system.

Soft  top structure. The   soft   top   consists of  a  linkage, an   interior roofliner, an  insulating filler  throughout and an  exterior cover. Perfection in everyday practicality: the development team designed the joints of the  longitudinal seams of the  exterior cover fabrics (centre panel and two  side  panels) so that they serve as an  additional drip rail. Perfection in aerodynamics: mounted between the  longitudinal frames of the  top  linkage are a total of 4 roof cross bows and the so-called front roof  bow  (the first  large  transverse element behind the  windscreen frame). The soft top  is joined to the  roof  bows by fabric retention strips with  screw fasteners. Consequently, even at  higher speeds, the  fabric roof  holds its form and that has  a positive effect  on  aerodynamics. To ensure a good view behind the  car,  the  top’s  heated rear glass  window was  designed to be especially large  for a convertible.

Rollover protection.  Within just  a quarter of a second of the  vehicle exceeding a predefined transverse acceleration or tilt angle, the cabriolet’s rollover protection system shoots up  behind the  rear headrests. The  system’s two  rollover modules  consist of  one fixed aluminium  profile and  one  moveable aluminium  profile within it that is pretensioned by  a spring. The  inner profile is held in  its  rest position by a magnetic switch or solenoid. When triggered by the  airbag controller in  reaction to  an  impending  rollover, the  solenoid opens a holding detent and releases the  inner profile. While  it shoots up,  a support detent runs over  a toothed track mounted to the  inner profile and prevents the  inner profile from dropping back down.

Rear seat backrest can be  folded down. The  construction of the  two deployable modules was  made significantly more compact, and so
– despite the  deployable rollover protection  − it  became possible to implement a load-through provision similar to  that in  the  new  Beetle Cabriolet with a width of 526 mm and a height of 381 mm as  well  as folding rear backrests.

Body reinforcements. All Golf cabriolets offer maximum all-round safety thanks to its rollover protection system, a reinforced windscreen frame and numerous other structural modifications (underbody, side  panels, crossmembers, doors). Its numerous reinforcements also  give the  4,266 mm long,  1,782 mm wide  and (top up)  1,405 mm high Golf R Cabriolet extremely high torsional rigidity values. In front, the cabriolet has  an engine enclosure made of aluminium, and together with  its mounting brackets this  increases rigidity. In addition, the  engine mount acts  as a vibration damper to reduce noise at  the  front of the  car.  On  each side of the  car,  two  lateral reinforcements in the  sill area and two  diagonal braces, front and rear, as  well  as  the  reinforced rear subframe joint lead  to further gains in rigidity and a significant reduction in resonant body vibrations. What is referred to as the coefficient of static torsional convertible.

Cabriolet-specific airbags. The  protective systems are  completed by reinforcements in  the  doors and standard front and side  head-thorax airbags. The  latter are  specially designed for  a cabriolet, since it is of course impossible to  mount side  head airbags in  the  roof  area. The head-thorax airbags integrated in the  lateral sections of the  seatbacks therefore deploy next  to the  driver and front passenger over  the  entire interior height of the  Golf Cabriolet. A standard knee airbag has  also been incorporated on  the  driver’s side.  In conjunction with  the  safety belt,  this  airbag absorbs energy from the  pelvic area and the  legs, which leads to reduced occupant loading.

Technical Data : 2013 Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet

Golf R Cabriolet 195 kW (265 PS)
Engine, electrics
Type of engine 4-cyl. petrol engine TSI
Effective displacement cm³ 1,984
Mixture formation Direct petrol injection
Emissions control system 3-way catalytic converter with
Lambda probe
Power output kW (PS) at rpm 195 (265) 6,000
Max. torque Nm at rpm 350/2,500 - 5,000
Performance (at curb weight + 200 kg)
Acceleration 0 – 80/100 km/h s 4.7/6.4
Top speed km/h 250
Fuel consumption (99/100/EC)
Fuel type Premium 95 RON
Combined cycle l/100km 8.2
Emissions (CO2) g/km 190
Efficiency label E
Exhaust emissions classification Euro 5
Power transmission
Gearbox Six-speed direct shift gearbox (DSG)
Wheels 7 ½ J x 18
Tyres 225/40 R 18
Exterior dimensions
Number of doors 2
Length/width/height mm 4,266/1,782/1,405
Wheelbase mm 2,578
Track, front/rear mm 1,535/1,517
Luggage compartment
Length, rear seat raised/folded down mm 691/1,534
Volume by VDA measurement: l roof open/closed 250
Unladen weight (EU, incl. 75 kg driver) kg 1,614
Permitted gross weight kg 2,000
Payload kg 461
Perm. axle load, front/rear kg 1,060/880
Fuel tank l 55

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