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Toyota ME.WE

  • Toyota ME.WE - perfect for me and good for others
  • Visionary concept of a lightweight, affordable and environmentally friendly vehicle
Toyota presented at European flagship store "Le Rendez-Vous Toyota" in Paris, the new concept car Toyota ME.WE. It is the result of a creative collaboration between the famous industrial designer Jean-Marie Massaud with ED ², the European design and development center by Toyota. Series production is currently not planned.

The concept car me.We is light and durable. It has a tubular aluminum frame and different wearing body panels made of expanded polypropylene, a very light and hard plastic type. Each part of the body can be customized in a simple manner, while the production technique allows a high degree of standardization. Me.We can be a pickup, a convertible, an off-roader and a small city car and everything at once. It is conceived for a large group of different users and also various claims and leaves through consistent lightweight only a smaller ecological footprint.

Me.We stands for "I and We" and means nothing more than "perfect for me and good for others." The name reflects the ambition to create responsible mobility and a way of the culture of the tread to "More" out of a "Better".

The Toyota me.We was the i-road study designed as an electric vehicle with wheel-hub electric motors. The batteries are placed space under the floor - similar to the Toyota iQ EV.

The goal is to consume in the production and operation of the me.We little resources as possible and to keep the CO2 Emssionen as low as possible, required a new vehicle architecture that ensures a low weight. Therefore the technicians opted for a tubular aluminum frame and a body of foamed polypropylene, a durable, lightweight but stable and also recyclable material.

The car weighs only 750 kg curb weight, which is about 20 percent less than conventional offers in the small car B segment. The majority of the weight savings could be realized with the body through the use of plastic. The body weighs only 14 kilograms. Foamed polypropylene can be recycled, depending on the use to 100 percent. The same applies to aluminum. The bamboo wood for the floor and the horizontal surfaces was chosen for its aesthetic quality but also as quickly renewable resource.

The simplicity of the design goes hand in hand with the simple usability of the product. The luggage can be transported on the roof or in the rear expandable. The interior surprises with a seating concept, the individual seats can be removed, for example, for a picnic on the lawn. Heating and air conditioning performed by a highly efficient heat pump is coupled to the heatable seats in order to minimize power consumption. Besides the me.We provides the airiness of a convertible, because all windows can be open, including the windshield.


  • Dimensions: Length: 3440 mm Width: 1750 mm Height: 1600 mm
  • Weight: 750 kg
  • Chassis: aluminum tubular frame chassis
  • Body: foamed polypropylene panels
  • Drive / transmission: a wheel hub electric motor for each wheel (2 - or 4-wheel drive)
  • Battery: accommodated under the floor
  • Air conditioning / heating: heat pump in combination with heated seats
  • Deicing system: heated windshield

Images : TOYOTA ME.WE Concept

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