Thursday, August 28, 2014

Little Twingo is back

2015 Renault TWINGO

Renault has taken the bold step of re-inventing Twingo to rekindle the unique spirit that made the original stand out from the crowd. Twenty years after the launch of the first model, the third-generation Twingo has been revisited from A to Z. The result is a fun, ultra-manoeuvrable city car and the return of the original’s cheerful expression, all in a colourful and comprehensively personalisable package.

Towns and cities become playgrounds

As the latest in a long line of small, innovative Renaults, New Twingo is an illustration of Renault’s   expertise   in   this   area. New Twingo features an innovative  rear-engined platform that   presents     undeniable benefits for a city car, including a turning circle of just 4.30 metres, allowing it to turn on a sixpence, not to mention a commanding driving position which ensures a level of forward visibility amongst the very best in this class. Meanwhile,    New   Twingo   is   10cm shorter than its predecessor,  yet the interior of its cabin is 33cm longer.

New  Twingo  comes   with   a  choice  of two three-cylinder petrol engines (normally-as- pirated or turbocharged) which both deliver punchy yet thrifty performance. The new car’s chassis ensures precise, reassuring steering which makes driving in built-up  areas particu- larly pleasurable. With the sprightly Energy TCe 90 engine at the back, New Twingo is perfectly in its element on longer journeys out in open country, too.

Smart and a choice of two connected systems

New  Twingo’s smart design,  which features   a  five-door   architecture   and versatile    modularity,    made   possible   by the   car’s   entirely   flat   floor,   enables   it  to accommodate  four  adults  in  perfect  comfort. It is also the only small city car that is capable of  carrying,   should   you  choose,  a  Swedish bookcase, a double bass or an NBA basketball player   lengthways    thanks    to    its record maximum load length of 2.31 metres. New  Twingo  is the only city  car  to offer a choice of two multimedia   systems:  a smart solution that includes a free navigation system based on the R & GO system  connected to a  smartphone,   or   the   latest-generation   in- dash R-Link  Evolution®   tablet which comes with  an  extensive  catalogue  of  applications developed for use by motorists.

Small, strong and safe

New Twingo was developed jointly with Daimler and particularly careful attention was paid during its rigorous design to perceived quality and safety. The model is manufactured  at the Novo Mesto plant in Slovenia which  benefited from significant investment in order to meet the quality expectations of Renault and Daimler.

images : 2015 Renault TWINGO

[Source : RENAULT]


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